Dear colleagues,

Once again, it is our honour, privilege and great pleasure to invite the community of surgeons in the field of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery to the ‘14th Frankfurter Meeting’ to be held face to face in Frankfurt am Main on Thursday, 7th and Friday, 8th November, 2024.
The venue of the conference will be the congress center KAP EUROPA of the International Frankfurt Fair.

The congress will bring together international and national faculty to an amazing programme that is filled with talks, debates and panel discussion on controversies, management of complications and innovations in the field of obesity, bariatric and metabolic surgery (MBS). The experts and speakers are coming from more than 40 countries and 5 continents. A main focus will be on video-based demonstrations of primary and revisional surgeries. The “Highway To Hell” session in which complications and rare events are presented as video, always attracts great attention. The new international AMBS/IFSO guidelines will pre presented, existing contraindications had to be discussed and the new indications for MBS as a bridging procedure will be offered. The robotic bariatric surgery and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) are new main topics. A great deal of attention will be paid to new findings on pharmacotherapy with GLP hormones. All facets of treatment, including postbariatric plastic-aesthetic surgery, but also surgery in children and new endoscopic methods will be addressed. Perioperative Management in MBS & Mental health challenges and support will be summarized in a session coordinated by David B. Sarwer (USA). Here were nutritional issues after MBS analyzed. There will be important information for bariatric dieticians, psychologists and nurse specialists (Allied / Integrated Health Professionals) as well.

Be Part of it!

Cordial Invitation
Sylvia Weiner & Team

Rudolf Weiner, Sophia Theodoridou, Anne Freund, Maida Ragibovic, Andreas Vasiliadis, Julian Schulz, Yvonne Endter, Susanne Chun