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Welcome to the virtual stand of Bariatric Solutions International GmbH

Take a look around and feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the virtual presence of Bariatric Solutions International GmbH

Take a look around and feel free to contact us.

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In banded (mini) gastric bypass and banded sleeve gastrectomy a non-adjustable gastric ring could be used which should be easy to place, have the correct size for that particular patient, should be visible on X-ray and be safe.

With that in mind and based on the experience of having seen many banded bariatric procedures with various surgeons, Bariatric Solutions developed the MiniMizer Gastric Ring.

GreenMAMBA Retractor

Golden Standard Laparoscopic Retractor

There are many laparoscopic retractors available on the market, but the Green Mamba Retractor is one of the few which is both atraumatic, yet firm, comes as a 5mm instrument and creates a large surface of retraction.

Available in widths of 8cm (straight and 45-degree angle) 12 cm.

It has proven its value in various kinds of minimal invasive procedures through the last 20 years and will continue to do so for another 20 years.

Gastric Calibration TUBE

The TUBE however is the Gastric Calibration Tube that fits all your needs:

The TUBE is made of medical grade silicone, which does not become weak and floppy after being exposed to body temperature, unlike regular PVC tubes. Floppy tubes are difficult to guide into a certain direction and tend to kink easily.

The TUBE has a soft tip, mixed with barium sulphate, making it visible on X-ray. The tip has a suction hole in it as well, to avoid creation of a vacuum between the tube and the stomach wall, hence with avoiding damage to the stomach while pulling the tube out after the leak test.

It has 6 small holes for suction and aspiration, avoiding kinking of the tube because of holes being too large. Large holes also tend to have stomach tissue sucked into the hole when aspirated, leading to internal bleedings of the stomach and vacuum formation (see fig. 1).

There is a clip at the end of the tube which allows the anaesthesist to close the tube with the same hand with which he/she holds the end of the tube after he/she has injected the first syringe of methylene blue. This helps preventing unintentional leakage of methylene blue.

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MiniMIZER Gastric Ring

GreenMAMBA Retractors

PinkyTRIGGER, single hand tissue tunneling

Gastric Calibration Tube

Annals of Surgery publication BSG vs SG

BSG vs Sg publication

Publication revision surgery RYGB with MiniMIZER Ring

Bariatric Solutions International GmbH

Bariatric Solutions International GmbH is renowned in the field of bariatric surgery for more than a decade now. It has developed a portfolio of alternative, innovative products and will continue to do so. The company focuses all its efforts on helping patients by providing surgeons new surgical options and improved materials to make their work safer, faster, better.

What we believe

Bariatric Solutions International GmbH takes suggestions and requests from surgeons and tries to incorporate them into its products. With their expertise and experience, Bariatric Solutions has developed various new, alternative, and innovative products.