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Bariatric Fusion: our premium partner

Bariatric Fusion from the USA is our Premium Partner!

Bariatric Fusion: developed by doctors & tested by patients
This company was founded by a bariatric professional; it’s products have been developed by a team of doctors and their effectiveness has been demonstrated with scientific studies.
Do you want to read more about the product line, food supplement facts, studies and FAQ?  Find our PDF product brochure in the download section

Patient compliance is number one
Bariatric Fusion is based on scientific studies and a high and easy patient compliance was the idea behind this product line.

We at WLS value a high patient compliance utmost after bariatric surgery, to keep our customers  healthy long term.
We are happy that we have found a partner to work side by side on our common goals: to offer products, that make the lives of bariatric patients easier and better!

Tasty Soft Chews & other products
Bariatric Fusion offers Soft Chews with a pleasant texture and a great taste. The Soft Chews are available as multivitamin, as calcium citrate, as iron and…. as probiotic!

Furthermore, Bariatric Fusion offers multivitamins as capsules. Their Hair, Skin & Nails capsules help you to maintain strong hair, skin and nails with only 1 capsule daily.

The great tasting line of meal replacements offers benefits for pre-surgery and post-surgery diet to shrink the liver and to maintain good protein levels.

New and unique: an all inclusive chewable multivitamin!
The Complete Chewable Multivitamin is a chewable which contains everything that a patient need after bariatric surgery! Vitamins are combined with iron and calcium, so that no other supplements are necessary!

Why use an “all inclusive” chewable supplement?
Compliance with any multivitamin supplement regimen can be difficult. Nutritional deficiency, as a result of gastric bypass surgery, is an eventuality without any form of supplementation and even with compliance of a standard multivitamin supplement. An “all inclusive” supplement like Bariatric Fusion®, improves compliance by decreasing the number of tablets patients need to take to help prevent the risk of developing these deficiencies from the start.

The nature of a chewable supplement makes the vitamins and minerals more available for absorption, since the micronutrients begin to be broken down before they reach absorption sites.

WLS Original, high-quality for the best price!

Budget-friendly vitamins after bariatric surgery
We have had weight Loss surgeries ourselves. Several team members have had surgery as long ago as 2002. So we know what it is like to have to take care of your health with vitamins for the rest of your life.
We strive to offer a solution for EVERY fellow patient; whether you prefer premium tasty chewables, or whether you are looking for a more neutral and cost effective option.

We have designed our WLS Original line especially for those patients that are looking for a high-quality, simple bariatric product, for a low price. The most important product of our Original line, is our WLS Original Multivitamin.

High quality multivitamin & Calcium
If you’ve had bariatric surgery, you need a good multivitamin. A multivitamin that is precisely tailored to the needs of your new body.
The WLS Original Multivitamin capsules are an easy option with only 1 capsule a day, including all your vitamins + iron. At a price of 19 cents a day, this is the most affordable bariatric option out there!

For covering the high Calcium needs of patients, we have our economically priced tablets and the all time customer favourite: WLS Original Calcium Soft Chews.

WLS Original offers more!
Apart from our very popular Multivitamin and Calcium Soft Chews, we also offer other products in our budget-friendly Original line, that a patient could need after weight loss surgery.
WLS Original calcium citrate, neutral tablets with 315 mg, are a very easy way of getting your calcium in. We also offer an iron lactate, B12 sublinguals and Vitamin D3 in various dosages, magnesium citrate and WPI Whey protein Isolate powder. This way our range should cover about everything that a patient might need after bariatric surgery.

We think our WLS Original line offers something for everybody, because the quality is pure and high, and the price is very friendly. Because we believe that a good, bariatric multivitamin, should be available to everybody.

Adozan – High quality protein products

ADOZAN offers tasteless and high quality protein products in different variants.
Adozan Protein100 (Eiweiss100) is THE ideal protein product for after stomach reduction, with 99 per 100 grams of protein, no fat and hardly any carbohydrates.

  • Helps in wound healing and protein supplementation before and after bariatric surgery
  • No change in consistency and taste of food!
  • Excellent solubility and heat stable up to 75 C
  • Gluten free
  • Low lactose
  • 99 % protein

Rich in protein and ready to serve
By using Adozan Protein 100, the protein content of the daily diet is enhanced. It is not a usual protein shake, but a tasteless instant powder that is quickly and easily mixed into daily food. It can be dissolved in water, but also in milk, coffee, soup, applesauce and all other foods up to 75 degrees (product up to 100 degrees is also available).

High-quality protein powder
The high-quality protein powder helps maintain and build muscle mass and bone, and also plays a role in wound healing.
Adozan products have been developed according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). In our opinion, the most important advantage of our products is their good tolerability and easy application.

The protein-rich Adozan Protein 100 powder is made from high-quality beef, veal and whey. The special microfiltration allows the body to absorb the protein collagens very well, even after gastric bypass or tube stomach surgery.

Dissolves quickly and does not clump
Adozan Protein 100 can be stirred into cold or hot (up to 75 degrees) food and beverages, and the taste and consistency will not change. The product is quickly soluble and free from lumps, so shaking is not necessary.

Maintain and build muscle with Adozan
Proteins are the building blocks of our muscle mass. If you don’t get enough protein in your diet (e.g. after bariatric surgery, illness or old age), it makes sense to maintain your protein levels with Adozan.

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WLS Products –

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Bariatric Fusion
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Bariatric Fusion

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About WLS Products

WLS Products is a small Dutch company specializing in the distribution of highly dosed nutritional supplements and bariatric products for weight loss surgery patients.

Our company values
WLS Products strives to offer the highest quality products in an attractive, diverse product range. We want to offer a suitable product for each patient, within every budget. We believe in enhancing long-term compliance by offering a variety of products, including premium tastefull options and  a few very simple options for those, who are overwhelmed when they start their weight loss journey.

WLS Products offers expertise and dependability, service with a personal touch that goes beyond offering products.

More about WLS Products as a company and the start of Melanie’s journey
Melanie Wouters started our WLS Products business in 2005.
In the previous years, she had had several abdominal surgeries. Now it was difficult for her to get high-dose and high-quality nutritional supplements.

Melanie as a forerunner
“Our first WLS products were developed in 2006 and personally tested by myself. I use part of our range every day. My blood work, which I have had checked every three months, are the best proof that they work! Also, I have had my weight loss surgery in 2001 and know how important it is to have tasty stomach-friendly bariatric vitamins at your disposal.”

Get optimal support through our experience
Our high dosed WLS Products and our tasty Bariatric Fusion products help you take care of your body. Most of our team has undergone a form of weight loss surgery or cope with illnesses such as IBS, vitamin deficiencies or osteoporosis. We know from our own experience, how important it is to find a high-quality product with great taste, that you can take for life.

We have grown and are still very close to you
WLS Products has grown since 2005. We employ eleven people. Our packages are shipped from a professional warehouse. Still with great attention to quality and the environment.

Melanie & her team of information specialists, patient-companions and orthomolecular doctors help you every day with questions about blood values, loading therapy, recommendations after bariatric operations and much more.

We are proud to be part of the Frankfurt Meeting and we hope to see you at our booth.